Research Areas 

We are a Chilean research group motivated by discovering natural phenomena and expanding frontier knowledge in physics in Plasmas, Complex Networks and seismology.

Plasma physics

Plasma physics is the study of a state of matter comprising charged particles. Plasmas are usually created by heating a gas until the electrons become detached from their parent atom or molecule. This so-called ionization can also be achieved using high-power laser light or microwaves. Plasmas are found naturally in stars and in space.

Complex networks

Complex networks are networks that feature patterns of connection between their elements that are neither purely regular nor purely random. Most real-world networks, such as transportation, social or gene-regulatory networks, are complex.


Seismology is the study of stress and changes in stress within the Earth and other planetary bodies, particularly earthquakes caused by slip and rupture along faults and by magmatic activity. The field is also concerned with earthquake risks and hazards, as well as the propagation of elastic waves through the surface of the Earth.

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